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ANNIE-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1718-v1 Merging Local ToolAnalysis with ANNIEsoft ToolAnalysis Sean M Donnelly General
18 May 2018
275-v1 Neutron Source Calibration Procedures and Planning Geoff Savage Tank
Neutrino Interactions
24 Aug 2016
240-v13 ANNIE Poster for Neutrino 2016 Carrie L McGivern General
Conference Publications
02 Aug 2016
256-v1 AEM talk - 07/11/2016 Vincent Fischer ANNIE Collaboration
11 Jul 2016
236-v5 June AEM Carrie L McGivern ANNIE Collaboration
13 Jun 2016
216-v4 AEM slides for May 8 Carrie L McGivern ANNIE Collaboration
09 May 2016
144-v1 ANNIE TSW, Final Draft Matthew Wetstein Organization
15 Feb 2016
82-v1 ANNIE Data Management Plan Mayly Sanchez Organization
15 Sep 2015
24-v1 Final drawings and quote for the proposed tank Non-ANNIE-Author Tank
ANNIE Collaboration
18 Aug 2015
75-v1 Pictures from the FACC Installation Matthew Wetstein ANNIE Collaboration
Muon Range Detector
07 Aug 2015
1-v1 EOI: The Atmospheric Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment Mayly Sanchez et al. ANNIE Collaboration
08 Jul 2015
10-v1 ANNIE Expression of Interest Matthew Wetstein General
08 Jul 2015
2-v1 LOI: The Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment Mayly Sanchez et al. ANNIE Collaboration
08 Jul 2015
29-v1 A sketch of a GANTT chart Matthew Wetstein Organization
30 Apr 2015
30-v1 Quote on the welded steel tank Non-ANNIE-Author Tank
30 Apr 2015
31-v1 Blueprints of the proposed ANNIE Tank Non-ANNIE-Author Tank
ANNIE Collaboration
30 Apr 2015
9-v1 ANNIE Letter of Intent Matthew Wetstein General
06 Apr 2015

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